Each and every pair of DAVESON CIGAR speakers is a unique piece of art.


Wooden enclosures

DAVESON enclosures are hand turned from single trunks of acacia or maple trees growing in the eco woods of southern Poland. This type of construction is unique worldwide due to the woodwork process that requires top class craftsmen experience. Our enclosures are treated through multiple production phases including several months of a drying process. We make every effort to achieve the highest quality and excellent timber moisture. That’s what distinguish our elite enclosures from the mass produced simple boxes you can usually buy.This is not a usual loudspeaker cabinet!

DAVESON loudspeakers, made of hand turned single trunks of acacia or maple wood, stand out against others with extreme stability. In connection with superior acoustic characteristics of the acacia or maple wood, our loudspeakers provide unforgettable sound experience producing exceptionally smooth, high definition quality sound with natural soft bass octaves.

Additionally, the innovative and specially designed stainless steel stand naturally absorbs any vibrations.


Glass-stainless steel baffles

We want to be unique and our goal is to deliver a unique product to each and other client. Besides the fabulous enclosure, the other element that makes are product distinctive are the unique baffles which are custom made for each pair of our speakers. The presented baffles are constructed as a combination of stainless steel and famous American stained glass. Each one of them is a unique piece of art – with a combination of traditional hand-crafted methods and modern glass making technology. This development process guaranties that you will NOT find two identical looking pairs of DAVESON loudspeakers! We create our fully hand built, customized speakers just for you. No one else in the world will have the opportunity to have the same set of DAVESON`s you can have!


Elite speaker

The heart of DAVESON loudspeakers is the legendary, definitive full-range driver JX92 by Jordan, capable of operating from 40 Hz to 20 KHz. Embracing a range of almost 9 octaves, the JX92 offers the widest bandwidth of any single driver unit available, not only producing an exceptionally smooth, high definition, crossover free quality sound, but also providing pin point image control of the music. The alloy, contraflex cone is fast, well controlled and goes surprisingly deep in our reflex ported low resonant and zero edge diffraction design.

Loudspeaker’s specs
Single driver, crossover free construction
EJ Jordan JX92 full range driver
Driver’s bandwidth: 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohm
Power, continuous: 50 W
Power, music, in system: 100 W
Height x width x depth: 36 x 30 x 41 cm

The combination of the elite Jordan driver and our hand crafted, single trunk enclosure enabled DAVESON to create a real piece of art with perfect acoustic power.

Additionally, to emphasize the customization of our product, each pair of DAVESON loudspeakers can be individually dedicated to a customer by I.D. engraving signage onto the stainless steel back plate.

If you desire custom dedicated, superior loudspeakers with perfect sound abilities, you can finally
have them now!

Please contact us and we will create a pair especially for YOU!